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[Orgmode] Org babel R Help

From: Joseph Cole
Subject: [Orgmode] Org babel R Help
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2010 21:01:28 +1300
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I've been struggling with a few aspects of org babel R:

1) src_R surrounds output with ==.

E.g. src_R{1+1} gives =2=

I would expect it to just give 2. Because it surrounds the output with equals signs, this means you are unable to use the output in latex equations, general text or tables as it's ugly.

Where should I start looking to fix this? I'm a lisp novice but happy to learn.

2) Width/Height exports for R graphics output. Do they work?

I've tried a lot of combinations of :width and :height as exports, and they don't seem to work at all. I've tried small numbers (1-10), large numbers (100-2000) and numbers prefixed by "cm" with no luck.

I know I can use #+attr_latex: width=15cm.

3) R-graphics quality

I can't seem to find any examples of how to set the R graphics output quality, and nothing I try seems to alter the result (using :quality).

Are there any publication quality r-graphics examples I could take a look at, as I've been unable to find any on google.

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