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Re: [Orgmode] IMPORTANT: (possibly) incompatible Change

From: Henri-Paul Indiogine
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] IMPORTANT: (possibly) incompatible Change
Date: Sat, 03 Apr 2010 11:20:09 -0500
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This is the first time that I try a LaTeX export from my org file after
the change.  Before the change no problems.  I am obviously doing
something wrongly. 

Here is some code from my .emacs:

(setq org-export-latex-packages-alist
      '(("" . "apacite")
        ("" . "color")
        ("" . "tikz")))

My error message after: C-c C-e l:

Exporting to LaTeX...
mapconcat: Wrong type argument: listp, "apacite"


Henri-Paul Indiogine
Email: address@hidden
Skype: hindiogine
Website: http://www.coe.tamu.edu/~enrico

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