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[Orgmode] Re: IMPORTANT: (possibly) incompatible Change

From: Ulf Stegemann
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: IMPORTANT: (possibly) incompatible Change
Date: Wed, 07 Apr 2010 11:15:50 +0200
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Karsten Heymann <address@hidden> wrote:

> Not as far as I know. hyperref and microtype will run with reduced
> features, but apart from that, there should be no problem. Regarding
> microtype, I do not know what happens when it is used with the old TeX
> or eTeX compiler that was used to created dvi's before pdftex was used
> for this too, but that should largely be an academic problem as pdftex
> is now used anywhere.

No problems here, regarding the inclusion of microtype when using latex

However, I'd strongly oppose to the claim that compatibility to the
latex compiler (vs. pdftex) is an academic problem. I know about several
LaTeX based systems that have to use the latex compiler simply because
pdftex can't handle eps graphics and converting those images isn't
feasible. So, while in the current case there's no compatibility issue,
I think it's reasonable to support both compilers.


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