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[Orgmode] Re: floating, non scheduled agenda items

From: Richard Riley
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: floating, non scheduled agenda items
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2010 12:00:29 +0200
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Richard Riley <address@hidden> writes:

> What would be the best way to include in my daily agenda a section of
> non schedule items which are there every day until I decide to
> remove them. e.g Say I have a link to "Guitar practise" which is a regularly
> updated url to the page I am at? No specific date, Just something I want
> to see on my daily agenda Just tag these types of items with a
> special tag and include all items with that tag into the daily agenda?
> Possible easily?

I needed to email Jan a little more for him to explain the procedure to
do this as I had not realised immediately that the first INS in the
customised command for the "a" custom trigger included the original
agenda. This detailed reply from Jan sorts me out perfectly - and it is
superb! orgmode++.

| You can replace the default agenda with a custom agenda if you specify
| "a" as the accesskey for the custom agenda.
| To do what you want:
| - Press C-c a C to bring up the customize interface
| - Press the INS button to insert a new custom agenda
| - In the first field, where it says "Single Command", click "Value Menu"
| and select "Command series, all agenda files"
| - enter "a" as the access key
| - Under "Component", press INS. You now have the normal agenda in your
| custom agenda.
| - Press INS on the same level again. This second component will be the
| TAGS search which will appear below the standard agenda, so in the
| "Choice:" field, select "TAGS search, TODO entries only" and enter
| "FLOATING" in the "Match:" field.
| Save the customize buffer with C-x C-s.
| When you now press C-c a a, you will see the default agenda, followed by
| a separator line and all TODO items tagged :FLOATING: from all your
| agenda files.
| - Jan

I now have my sticky "Today" reminders tagged as "sticky" (not float).

Thanks Jan!

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