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[Orgmode] Suggestions needed for handling "ideas"

From: Ali Tofigh
Subject: [Orgmode] Suggestions needed for handling "ideas"
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2010 15:46:24 -0400

Hello everyone,

I'm a new user of org-mode, and seeing the great potential, I am
trying to switch to org-mode for handling my day-to-day tasks. I'm
going to start off by using org-mode to handle my projects and I need
some advice.

I like to keep my projects self-contained. Therefore I use one
org-file for each project. Each org-file contains two main headlines:
journal and tasks. Under journal I collect all kinds of information:
meeting notes, relevant stuff I've read, urls, etc. I also write down
what I have done every few days. The journal entries are sorted
chornologically. Under tasks I keep all todo items.

Frequently my notes on meetings contain ideas for stuff to try. Does
anyone have any advice on how to handle these?

I don't want to keep them as todo items in the journal since I like to
keep changing the todos (e.g., dividing them into subtasks) and I
don't want those changes to appear in the journal. My initial thought
was to create one headline for each idea and tag it with ":idea:". I
could then easily go through all ideas in a project and choose the
ones I want to work on by creating todo items. Those ideas would then
be further tagged with ":handled:" or something similar. This way I
could search for unhandled ideas in my projects. As an alternative I
could use separate todo keywords for todos and ideas.

Any specific advice or just general thoughts are most appreciated.


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