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Re: [Orgmode] Using Org for browsing and managing buffers

From: Eric S Fraga
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Using Org for browsing and managing buffers
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2010 13:18:51 +0100
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On Thu, 15 Apr 2010 00:20:31 -0400, Dan Davison <address@hidden> wrote:


> This does also mean that various inappropriate speed commands become
> exposed (but then pressing random keys is a strategy that should be
> confined to gnus).


> I've made them narrower by default, and introduced a customizable
> variable org-buffers-columns-format.


> Noted. On the other hand o in Org speed commands is bound to
> org-open-at-point. I've got rid of my binding and am allowing it to fall
> through to the speed command default but I'd welcome any further
> suggestions. Note that the variable org-buffers-follow-link-method can
> be used so specify the behaviour of RET on a line with a buffer link.

Some more comments:

- I like the fact I can customise RET or, more to the point, that it
  be consistent with the rest of org-mode.  I personally would set
  org-buffers-follow-link-method to 'current-window but then it would
  be nice to have SPC, say, open the buffer in another window, to
  behave consistently with org-agenda?

- I would prefer some consistency or symmetry in the creation and
  burying of the buffer: given that (by default) org-buffers-list
  brings up a new window in the current frame, quitting that buffer
  should also delete the window;  otherwise, I would like it to not
  split the frame.  Does that make sense?

- what's the point of orb-buffers-toggle-heading?  I ask because I
  don't understand what functionality it adds and the default binding
  (h) conflicts with my speed keys (I use vi-like bindings for speed
  motion keys).

- In column view mode (which I also have not figured out why it would
  be used...), the heading uses a different font size than the normal
  entries so the headings don't line up at all.  This may be my fault,

- if I bring up the buffers list a second time, having created a new
  buffer in the meantime, the new buffer does not appear until I hit
  'g'.  I think any invocation of org-buffers-list should do an
  automatic update of the list.

- Lastly, it would be nice to either avoid the single blank line at
  the start of the buffer or have point be at the first heading.
  Having point at the first (empty) line seems to cause some problems
  with speed motion keys sometimes...  it also wastes a line!

  Actually, I think it might be useful to have point be placed at the
  heading that corresponds to the buffer currently being visited when
  the org-buffers-list command is invoked.  A thought.

In any case, it's almost ready for me to replace my current C-xC-b
binding... :)

> I haven't used bs-show. It might be interesting to try to get some

bs-show has a nice feature which allows different classes of buffers
to be shown and to cycle through the different views easily.

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