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[Orgmode] [patch] Terminating lists by indentation of #+SPECIALS too

From: Sebastian Rose
Subject: [Orgmode] [patch] Terminating lists by indentation of #+SPECIALS too
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2010 01:01:14 +0200
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Hello Carsten,

there was much discussion about a terminator and I ran into a problem,
that made me think we need one. But then I found we had one --- it's
just not used on HTML export.

Below is a little file I wrote. Thanks to the `- __' items, it results
in the XHTML closely to what I wanted it to.
But only as long as I use those _undocumented_ `- __' items. Once you
remove them, you'll see, that the `#+html: </div...' stuff ends up
inside the last list item and the XHTML will not validate.

As I looked at it, I found the most natural solution would be, to
terminate the list by regarding the indentation of `#+WHATEVER' and
`#+BEGIN_WHATEVER' if inside lists [fn:1].

The patch below (diffed against `remove-compatibility-code') makes
XHTML-export honor the indentation of `#+SPECIALS'.

Here's the Org-file I wrote (remove and add the `- __' list items to see
the effect):

#+OPTIONS: toc:nil
#+STYLE: <style type="text/css">
#+STYLE: body,p,div,td{font-size:13px;font-family:sans-serif;}
#+STYLE: div { text-align:left; }
#+STYLE: #content {width:550px;
#+STYLE:     margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto;text-align:center; }
#+STYLE: #postamble { width:550px;clear:both;border-top:1px solid black;
#+STYLE:      margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto;text-align:center; }
#+STYLE: </style>

* List of design patterns

  #+HTML: <div style="width:48%;float:left;">
  *Behavioural Patterns*
    - [[file:BatchCommand][BatchCommand]]
    - [[file:ChainOfResponsibility.org][Chain Of Responsibility]]
    - [[file:Command.org][Command]], UndoableCommand and BatchCommand
    - [[file:Interpreter.org][Interpreter]]
    - [[file:Iterator.org][Iterator]]
    - [[file:Mediator.org][Mediator]]
    - [[file:Memento.org][Memento]]
    - [[file:NullObject][NullObject]]
    - [[file:Observer.org][Observer]]
    - [[file:State.org][State]]
    - [[file:Strategy.org][Strategy]]
    - [[file:TemplateMethod.org][Template Method]]
    - [[file:Visitor.org][Visitor]]
  *Creational Patterns*
    - [[file:AbstractFactory.org][Abstract Factory]]
    - [[file:Builder.org][Builder]]
    - [[file:Factory.org][Factory]]
    - [[file:FactoryMethod.org][Factory Method]]
    - [[file:Prototype.org][Prototype]]
    - [[file:Singleton.org][Singleton]]
    - __
  #+html: </div>
  #+html: <div style="width:48%;float:right;">
  *Structural Patterns*
    - [[file:Adapter.org][Adapter]]
    - [[file:Composite.org][Composite]]
    - [[file::Bridge.org][Bridge]]
    - [[file:Decorator.org][Decorator]]
    - [[file:Facade.org][Facade]]
    - [[file:Flyweight.org][Flyweight]]
    - [[file:Proxy.org][Proxy]]
    - [[file:BusinessDelegate.org][Business Delegate]]
    - [[file:DataAccessObject.org][Data Access Object]]
    - [[file:DataTransferObject.org][Data Transfer Object]]
    - [[file:DependencyInjection.org][Dependency Injection]]
    - [[file:FluentInterface.org][Fluent Interface]]
    - [[file:InversionOfControl.org][Inversion Of Control]]
    - [[file:ModelViewControler.org][Model View Controler]]
    - [[file:ModelViewPresenter.org][Model View Presenter]]
    - [[file:Plugin.org][Plugin]]
    - __
  #+HTML: </div>

And, finally, the patch. I would have used the function
`org-export-html-close-lists-maybe' but that didn't work, so I wrote
similar code just in place.

Carsten: If it makes things easier for you, I could apply the change to
the master branch and send an appropriate patch.

diff --git a/lisp/org-html.el b/lisp/org-html.el
index fcddd50..812e63c 100644
--- a/lisp/org-html.el
+++ b/lisp/org-html.el
@@ -929,6 +929,15 @@ lang=\"%s\" xml:lang=\"%s\">
          ;; Protected HTML
          (when (get-text-property 0 'org-protected line)
+        (when in-local-list
+          (let ((ind (or (get-text-property 0 'original-indentation line) 0)))
+            (while (and (car local-list-indent) (< ind (car 
+              (org-close-li (car local-list-type))
+              (insert (format "</%sl>\n" (car local-list-type)))
+              (setq local-list-indent (cdr local-list-indent))
+              (setq local-list-type (cdr local-list-type))
+              (setq in-local-list local-list-indent))))
            (let (par (ind (get-text-property 0 'original-indentation line)))
              (when (re-search-backward
                     "\\(<p>\\)\\([ \t\r\n]*\\)\\=" (- (point) 100) t)

Best wishes



[fn:1] `org-end-of-item' and `org-end-of-item-list' already consider the
       decreased indentation of the `#+html:' line the end of the list.

       You can proof that by deleting the last dot and all empty lines,
       so that the `#+html:' line is directly below the last list
       item. Then move point somewhere on the item and do `M-x
       org-end-of-item RET'.

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