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Re: [Orgmode] suggestions of Android smartphones

From: Eric S Fraga
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] suggestions of Android smartphones
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2010 10:42:22 +0100
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On Sun, 18 Apr 2010 11:07:32 -0300, Daniel Martins <address@hidden> wrote:
>  --- resending with a proper title ---
> Matthew,
> Just a suggestion for newbies.
> Could you generate a video of MobileOrg Android similar to those of
> the MobileOrg Iphone.
> I am still open to suggestions of Android smartphones.
> If I need to access a remote ssh account and open Emacs, the available
> keyborards are OK?
> Daniel

I have the same questions!  My current mobile phone contract expires
in 3 months and I'm looking at upgrading to an Android phone.  The
current best deal I have found is for the Samsung Galaxy Portal, aka
the i5700.  [1] I'm looking at upgrading to replace my Nokia internet
tablet (n810) and non-smart phone with one unit.  The nokia does a
really nice job of running emacs and org-mode, mind you.

I'm particularly interested in knowing how the different handsets
approach the keying in of keys like C-x, M-x, TAB, et al.


[1]  for those in the UK, the best deal is currently with T-mobile at £15 pm 
but this obviously changes day to day... 3, my current provider, are
asking £20 pm.  Both are 24 month contracts.

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