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[Orgmode] Re: mobile org

From: Reinout van Rees
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: mobile org
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2010 09:44:25 +0200
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On 04/20/2010 04:12 AM, clsnyder wrote:

I have a web-dav set up via dreamhost on a remote server

I have mobile org on my iphone.

When I ftp transferred files to the server, they show up on the iphone app, and
sync and work fine.

I am unable to push or pull anything from my windows/mac home computers from the
server via emacs;
Under Org Mobile group, I put http://myfile.clsnyder.com/orgmode/ as the org
mobile directory (where would I input the username and password?)

When I try to push files and views or get captured, I get a
"org-mobile-check-setup: Please set `org-directory' to the directory where your
org files live" error

? any ideas

In your emacs config, you need to set that org-directory variable so that org mode knows where to get/send the files.

See http://orgmode.org/manual/Setting-up-the-staging-area.html

For instance:

(setq org-mobile-directory "/scp:yoursever.org:orgmode/")

You've set the "org mobile directory": please check whether that ended up as 'org-mobile-directory' in your emacs config. Perhaps you only set it once and didn't save the settings?

Another point: sure that the "http://"; of yours is writable? I'd rather expect ftp or https or scp instead of plain http.


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