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[Orgmode] Re: How you ORGanize yourself? (aka: Why not one file to rule'

From: Flavio Souza
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: How you ORGanize yourself? (aka: Why not one file to rule'em all?)
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2010 16:59:30 -0300
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Hi everybody!

I use these files:


- This is the file where I insert all my tasks and projects.
- It is divided by these topics:

* GTD Inbox
* Work
* Personal
* Agenda
** Appointments
** Bills
* Summary
** Estimated Hours
** Worked Hours

- At GTD Inbox, I collect all my new tasks and projects by using org-remember. In my weekly review, I file them at appropriate section. - Work and Personal is where I file my tasks and projects and give them tags. This helps me filter within agenda view.
- I clock every task I am doing to get my working hours summary.
- Sometimes I use the archive feature to get rid of done tasks and finished projects to a separated file.


- This is a file where I collect everything that I want to take note and file for reference. This is used along with org-remember.
- It is divided by four topics:

* Ideas
* Jornal
* Phone Calls
* General Notes

I also have lots of other files that I fill in with notes. Every note has a title with "*" and text body. All the files have a name that starts with "nt_". I do not look at them very often, so I don't mind to have lots of note files. I use Google Desktop or grep to search information in them when I need it. These notes file vary a lot, for example, I have a nt_windows.txt file that has notes about windows tips and tricks I collected over time.

So far, this setup is working perfectly and I am able to track all my projects and tasks. Thanks to orgmode!



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