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[Orgmode] Re: mobile org

From: charles snyder
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: mobile org
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 2010 08:11:39 -0500

My earlier post was in regard to problems with sync from mobile org on a iphone to a webdav folder on 
a remote server (in this case a dreamhost account). 

I got it to work, and though perhaps this overly simplistic description of the steps would be helpful to 
someone else. 

The instructions are for a mac, but windows XP will mount webdav folders as well.
Unfortunately, windows 7 "hates" webdav, and the easiest way is to install (free) external software to mount a webdav 
(at least that's my understanding):

  1. Go to the finder
  2. Click on Go and choose 'connect to server'
  3. The server is http://myfile.clsnyder.com/orgmode
  4. Click Connect
  5. The user name is username
  6. The password is password
  7. Save as a favorite - it will always need to be mounted in order to access it
  8. An icon will show up on the desktop called 'orgmode': this has the remote files
  9. You must identify the org-mobile-directory as "/Volumes/orgmode/" - this can be done either in 
.emacs or just click org ->  Mobile org -> Setup. If the latter, save for all future sessions.
10. The org-mobile-files are "/Users/clsnyder/Dropbox/emacs_org/personal.org",
"/Users/clsnyder/Dropbox/emacs_org/reference.org", "/Users/clsnyder/Dropbox/emacs_org/notes.org", 

Again, this can be done in .emacs or as described above
  11. This should work

Hope this helps someone. 

Charles Snyder

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