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[Orgmode] 'habit' with DEADLINE-style advance warning loses its graph

From: Livin Stephen Sharma
Subject: [Orgmode] 'habit' with DEADLINE-style advance warning loses its graph
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2010 11:28:39 +0530

* TODO Send query habit/DEADLINE/graph query
  DEADLINE: <2010-04-26 Mon +1m -15d>
  :STYLE:    habit
  find out about advance warning (agenda-visibility) for a habit: how to retain habit-tracking graphs in 'C-a a' agenda-view

I want:a monthly habit-style TODO that
  1. has a warning-period within which the upcoming instance of the repeating task may optionally be marked DONE and
  2. if the agenda view lies within the warning period, the item (and habit-graph) should be visible - possibly even without the graph, if it is not 'today'

So far, after experiments and after searching the manual + google'ing, I have not been able to achieve these requirements satisfactorily (simultaneously).
  1. If I use "DEADLINE" (as shown) I lose the habit-graph
  2. If I use "SCHEDULED" (instead of "DEADLINE"), I lose "advance warning"

What am I missing?

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