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Re: [Orgmode] Is this the best place for noob questions too?

From: Adam
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Is this the best place for noob questions too?
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2010 11:31:18 +1200
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On Wednesday 28 April 2010 10:00 am, David Frascone wrote:
> I notice that you guys all seem to be VERY MUCH experts in orgmode. . . my
> questions are all very . . urm . . RTFM'ish, or just noobish.
> Should I be posting them somewhere else?  I'm still incorporating org-mode
> into my life, and making many mistakes . . . but, I love the simplicity.
> I'm also loving having emacs back in my life too.  Last night, I remotely
> edited some files on my web server.  I've been doing that for a while with
> sshfs, but, I forgot how seamless you can do it with emacs. . . pretty much
> deprecated sshfs for me (in the way I use it -- I'm either editing a lot of
> stuff, or I ssh over, or I rsync -- I had been using sshfs for the editing,
> and now no longer need to!)
> Anyway, thanks for the answers so far, and thanks for the new ones that
> will surely come when I get confused again.  I think my next goal is to
> come up with some way to use multiple files to help my organizaition . .
> and somehow link them together.  (Don't tell me . . still reading the fine
> manual!)
> -Dave

As fellow newbie, I sometimes wonder myself.  This list is high traffic, 
with much on add-in Org-mode packs, hacks and source bug-fixes. 

So for me, its still basically the Tutorials and Introductions. Thanks to 
all involved for those. And the Org-mode Manual of course, which 
itself is a little dense or daunting - perhaps the key to all. 

Babel sure looks good or handy, but I'm not there yet. 
Remember-mode is sure handy. Am still juggling the 
Agendas and Tags, almost publishing. 

Nice to hear from another newbie. Will keep plugging away. 

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