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[Orgmode] A shorter manual

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: [Orgmode] A shorter manual
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2010 17:46:30 +0200

Dear all,

with the Org-mode manual moving toward 200 pages,  I am
starting to worry that people with stop in their tracks
when considering Org-mode, just because of the sheer size
of the manual.

So I did a little experiment.  I took the manual and stripped
everything which could be considered advanced material, but
keeping all features and all basic commands and customizations.

What remains are about 50 pages.  A document with the same
structure (even the same chapter numbers) as the manual.
I am wondering if it would be useful to have this as a beginners
document - or if the existence of this document would lead
to more confusion than relief.


I don't see this a an alternative for the manual - just
as an additional, rather static document, with little need for
updates.  The manual would continue to be the comprehensive
and constantly updated document.

Comments are welcome.

- Carsten

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