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[Orgmode] Final Question: Usage

From: David Frascone
Subject: [Orgmode] Final Question: Usage
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2010 11:57:51 -0600

I'm still using a monolithic file to inplement my DGTD (Dave's GTD).  I'm not as anal as TOD (The other Dave, Dave Allen), and I don't run a strict inbox.

What I do want is:
1)  a place to keep track of live projects, bugs, conversations, etc.
2) A place for notes
3) A place to track TODO's
4) A way to archive off done stuff.

So far, orgmode does the above with ease.  But, I am starting to run into walls.

Organization:  I'm using one monolithic file now.  And, agenda mode doesn't know about it till I add it.  Should I be using agenda mode to track todos?  (This goes with my calendar questions a bit in the other mail).  If I do use agenda mode, how do I add multiple files?

How do I work with multiple files?  Is there an easy way to jump back and forth from them, if I start making one file for Bugs, one for Escalations, one for projects, one for notes, etc?

Finally -- and this is my biggest stumbling block:  Status reporting
I'm looking for some way to generate a status report of what I've been working on.  So, this report should contain anything that has been modified in the last week.  (I drop date stamps a lot).  Also, the report should include extra flagged items, even if they did not get work.  (i.e. Background tasks that are starving should be noted -- but, since not all tasks / entries are background tasks, I'd make some custom tag, like, "reportme" that should be reported, regardless)

I'm trying to generate a status view like that, export to HTML, and e-mail it to my pointy haired boss . . . . any way to do that?


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