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[Orgmode] is it a bug in org-capture

From: zwz
Subject: [Orgmode] is it a bug in org-capture
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2010 11:07:27 +0800
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Hi, all

I have a item of type "table-line" in org-capture-templates like
("t" "test" table-line
             (file "test.org")
             "| %i%? | %U |" :prepend t)

When I hit C-c c t, and then C-c C-k immediately, the file test.org is
still modified with an new blank row inserted in the table, which is out
of expectation, since C-c C-k is known as "abort capture". The minibuffer
says "org-capture-finalize: Capture process aborted, but target buffer
could not be cleaned up correctly".

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