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[Orgmode] Re: [ANN] Org-Drill: Interactive revision a la Anki/Mnemosyne

From: Detlef Steuer
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: [ANN] Org-Drill: Interactive revision a la Anki/Mnemosyne
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2010 09:42:08 +0200


Just to give some feedback on org-drill. I had a look into writing something 
similar some time ago, but never got around learning enough emacs lisp.

I like the flexibility of org-drill and org-drill over-all.
I think you are right, when saying it is unfortunate to use 4 and 5 as synonyms 
for "I just know it, leave me alone forever".

What I really don't like is the amount of whitespace in spanisch.org, the 
example file..
May be that could be trimmed down? Or is it just your personal liking?

I couldn't handle (and wouldn't want to handle) such formatting by hand.

Anyway, thank you for providing org-drill!


On Sun, 1 Aug 2010 01:02:55 +0000 (UTC)
Paul Sexton <address@hidden> wrote:

> Announcing the first release of "org-drill", a module which uses "org-learn" 
> to
> present interactive "drill sessions" of marked material in org buffers and
> files. Org-learn, which is found in org's "contrib" directory, is an
> implementation of the spaced repetition algorithm from SuperMemo.
> Repository:
> http://bitbucket.org/eeeickythump/org-drill
> See the preamble in org-drill.el, and the accompanying file "spanish.org", for
> documentation and examples. 
> I have tried to make it quite customisable. You can set variables to control
> number of items per session, and max session duration. You can also create
> custom "card types" and write elisp functions to control how the information 
> in
> those topics is displayed.
> Note that org-learn currently considers items rated 4 or 5 (ie perfect or
> excellent recall) as NEVER needing to be revised. I think this is a misfeature
> of org-learn, and I hope it will eventually be fixed. For now, if you use
> org-drill and rate items as 4 or 5, org-drill will consider them as "new" each
> time you rpeat the drill session, so they will always come up. 
> Paul
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