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[Orgmode] Re: Change resolution of LaTeX formulas in HTML output?

From: Dan Davison
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: Change resolution of LaTeX formulas in HTML output?
Date: Thu, 05 Aug 2010 17:36:07 -0400
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Sebastian Rose <address@hidden> writes:

> Dan Davison <address@hidden> writes:
>> address@hidden writes:
>>> Is there a way to control the resolution of PNG LaTeX formulas when you 
>>> export to HTML?
>>> You can control the font size directly in the header but there doesn't seem 
>>> to be a way to use org-mode to control the resolution...
>>> BTW, I'm not exporting to LaTeX directly because I'm using PrinceXML to 
>>> convert the HTML file to a PDF.
>> Hi Uriel,
>> Could you tell us a bit about what the advantages of PrinceXML are? One
>> question I have is: is it possible to get vector graphics (ps, pdf)
>> incorporated into the resulting pdf? Is there an open source
>> alternative? (I've been doing this with "print to file" in the print
>> dialog box in a web browser in linux).
> htmldoc (see http://www.htmldoc.org/)
> It comes with a GUI and is free enough to be in Debian.


> Not sure if it is that perfect, but when ever I tried it it worked.
> Didn't use it for ages.  I use Org mode and LaTeX2e instead ;)

Can you point me to an example that shows how to make source code in
latex look (almost) as nice as html?

In case anyone has any enlightenment, a quick try suggests that htmldoc
doesn't work out-of-the-box on html produced by org-mode (error below).

/tmp> htmldoc --webpage -f x.pdf x.html
ERR011: Unable to parse HTML element on line 15!
BYTES: 39131
/tmp> sed -n 15p x.html 


>   Sebastian
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