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[Orgmode] Re: [PATCH] Proposed command: org-agenda-clock-goto

From: Bastien
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: [PATCH] Proposed command: org-agenda-clock-goto
Date: Sat, 07 Aug 2010 10:14:12 +0200
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Bernt Hansen <address@hidden> writes:

> I'm not against this change since I've never used J in the agenda before
> (mostly because I wasn't aware of this key binding at all).

C-c C-x C-j is now bound to org-agenda-clock-goto in agenda buffers and
to org-clock-goto is org buffers.

I hesitated long, and I'm still not convinved this is the best choice.

Since `J' is an agenda-only keybinding, maybe using `J' would make more

What's your take on this?

> Is there a way to rebind agenda keys in case I want to use J for
> something different (similar to the user speed key settings?)  

(org-defkey org-agenda-mode-map "J" 'your-function)

> I don't really want to overwrite the standard org-agenda-keymap
> bindings but it might be useful to have user bindings that on top of
> those as we do for the speed key settings.


Mayby, if rebinding agenda keys is common.  I personaly don't rebind
agenda keys.



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