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[Orgmode] ErgoEmacs

From: Don Womick
Subject: [Orgmode] ErgoEmacs
Date: Sat, 14 Aug 2010 09:07:58 -0400

Hi all,

I've just found ErgoEmacs (http://ergoemacs.org), another Emacs distribution for Windows that tries to make Emacs easy to use for ordinary users... and it does so: I was able to use it immediately, with all the standard Windows shortcuts--the only things that tripped me up briefly were the file commands (C-xf moved to C-o and C-xw moved to C-w), and that they moved M-x to M-a (M-x now cuts the entire line). This looks like a distro that might ease the learning curve enough to drive more widespread adoption of Emacs (and org-mode!): it really does seem to be as easy to use as Notepad right out of the box, yet doesn't take away any of the power of Emacs (as far as I can tell, except that I did have to load an org-mode file before capture would work, but that may be a setup problem on my part). If you're on Windows, take a look and see what you think... and for org newbies on win32, I think this is the version I would recommend.


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