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[Orgmode] Re: More structure on org-hacks.php

From: Memnon Anon
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: More structure on org-hacks.php
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2010 02:09:36 +0200
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Carsten Dominik <address@hidden> writes:

> I think the file would benefit from a bit more structure (some top-level
> headings and the actually hacks as level two headings or so.

I had a look at what is there so far.

One way might be Toplevel-headlines like this:

1. Hacking Org: Modifying orgmode itself.
2. Hacking Org and Emacs: Modify how org interacts with other Emacs packages.
3. Hacking Org and external Programs.

[Imo no need for subcategories like  1.1: agenda, clock, etc. 2.1: gnus,
w3m, etc., yet.]

I regrouped the hacks under these categories and reshuffled the items a
bit to get related topics closer together.

Have a look at: 


[Changes made against the current version 
 address@hidden:~/tmp/Worg$ git log org-hacks.org
 commit c7201682f9dc91b8aca4a78929d9398c1118e390]

However, I did not change any of the #+OPTIONS.


* Hacking Org: Modifying orgmode itself.
      o Compiling Org without make
      o Reload Org
      o Speed Commands
            + Show next/prev heading tidily
      o Easy customization of TODO colors
      o Changelog support for org headers
      o Remove redundant tags of headlines
      o Different org-cycle-level behavior
      o Add an effort estimate on the fly when clocking in
      o Customize the size of the frame for remember
      o Org table
            + Dates computation
            + Field coordinates in formulas (@# and $#)
      o Archive in a date tree
      o Make it easier to set org-agenda-files from multiple directories
      o Restrict org-agenda-files by filetag
      o Split horizontally for agenda
      o Automatically add an appointment when clocking in a task
      o Highlight the agenda line under cursor
      o Remove time grid lines that are in an appointment
      o Group task list by a property
      o Dynamically adjust tag position
* Hacking Org and Emacs: Modify how org interacts with other Emacs packages.
      o org-remember-anything
      o Org-mode and saveplace.el
      o Using ido-completing-read to find attachments
      o Use idle timer for automatic agenda views
      o Link to Gnus messages by Message-Id
      o Send html messages and attachments with Wanderlust
            + Send HTML message
            + Attach HTML of region or subtree
            + Adopting for Gnus
* Hacking Org and external Programs.
      o Use Org-mode with Screen [Andrew Hyatt]
      o Org Agenda + Appt + Zenity
      o Org-Mode + gnome-osd
      o remind2org
      o Useful webjumps for conkeror
      o Use MathJax for HTML export without requiring JavaScript


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