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Re: [Orgmode] Org capture templates - file paths

From: Puneeth
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Org capture templates - file paths
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2010 15:06:25 +0530

2010/8/19 Gustav Wikström <address@hidden>:
> Hello!
> I'm having some trouble with org-capture. Could someone explain to me why
> the following is not working? (And what to do to get it to work..)
> Code:
> (defvar my-gtd-inbox-file (concat my-gtd-root "inbox.org"))
> ;;; Capture templates
> (setq org-capture-templates
>       '(("n" "Note" entry (file my-gtd-inbox-file)
> "* %?\n %i\n %a")
> ("j" "Journal" entry (file+datetree my-gtd-journal-file)
>     "* %?\nEntered on %U\n %i\n %a")))
> End code.
> what I've figured so far is that variables cannot be used in templates... Is
> there some workaround for this, or could it possibly be implemented? I need
> it since i'm on multiple systems where paths to the same files might differ
> depending on the system in use...

>From what I understand from the docs (I didn't look at the code),
variables cannot be used.

One way to work around this problem is to use the org-directory variable.

  (setq org-directory "~/life-in-plain-text/")

Then, you need not specify the path in the capture templates. You can
just specify the file name (inbox.org)


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