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[Orgmode] Customizing agenda line format

From: Norbert Zeh
Subject: [Orgmode] Customizing agenda line format
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2010 10:48:26 -0300
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Hi folks,

Is there a way to freely customize the format of lines in the weekly
agenda or todo list.  I know of the different formatting settings I can
use, but they don't do what I want.  Here's a simple use case, but more
complicated ones are possible.

I have a bunch of todo items that have a special todo state, say SPECIAL.
I don't want those included in my weekly agenda, but rather have a block
agenda where one of the blocks lists all todo items with todo state
SPECIAL.  Clearly, since this block includes only items that are
SPECIAL, listing this tag at the beginning of each entry's line is
redundant information.  So I'd like to remove the TODO state.  For
example, the org file entry

* SPECIAL Call mom

should appear simply as

Call mom

in that block of my agenda.  Can this be done?  I'm even willing to
override some fairly low-level line formatting function for this block.
I simply don't know where to start looking.  So any pointer would be



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