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[Orgmode] quotation marks in LaTeX (again)

From: Don March
Subject: [Orgmode] quotation marks in LaTeX (again)
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2010 16:00:07 -0400

There's been some talk about quotation marks when exporting to LaTeX,
but I've noticed some issues in addition (I think) to those mentioned
by others.

     "'a quote' inside a quote"
is exported to LaTeX as
     ``'a quote' inside a quote''
but should be
     ``\,`a quote' inside a quote''

     "a quote that ends with 'a quote'"
is exported as
     ``a quote that ends with `a quote'''
but should be
     ``a quote that ends with `a quote'\,''

Implementing the \enquote solution proposed by Sven Bretfeld would a
fix for this, but that would probably have to be optional.  So I was
working on a regexp fix for this, but then I realized that there's a
host of cases where the beginning quote isn't recognized as beginning
because there isn't whitespace in front of it, such as when a quote
starts a parenthetical ("like this").  Maybe the solution is to use
the list of "allowed chars in pre" from


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