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Re: [Orgmode] Header levels and section numbering > 3, in LaTeX export

From: Indraneel Majumdar
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Header levels and section numbering > 3, in LaTeX export
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2010 09:52:46 +0530
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If you're 4 levels down, it'll be a sub sub sub section, same as a paragraph
* Section
** Sub section
*** Sub Sub section
**** Paragraph
***** Sub paragraph

H:5 will give you the levels but you have to enable numbering explicitly with

paragraph is actually a sectioning command. If you want to use it as sub sub sub section do this:

**** Sub sub sub section heading
      Paragraph starts here...

If you simply want numbered paragraphs, do this:

      Paragraph starts here...
And \includepackage{titlesec} to iron out the redundant spaces that would otherwise appear.


On 2010-10-06 9:06, Kai wrote:
With a .org file having headers 4-5 levels deep (e.g. **** This Section), I'd like the LaTeX export to treat it as a subsubsubsection with numbering, e.g. But no luck, and I'm not sure whether I'm doing something wrong with org-mode, or need to customize my LaTeX template. In the org file I have:

#+OPTIONS: H:5 num:t

...which does give the TeX markup of \label{sec-1_1_1_1} in the .tex file, but the header text is wrapped in a \paragraph{The Header}, instead of \subsubsubsection{The Header}.

Is there a way to have the org-mode LaTeX export mark that up as a subsubsubsection? I'm using the org-mode trunk. Thanks in advance for any help,


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