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[Orgmode] Re: How do I convert org to OpenOffice?

From: Matt Price
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: How do I convert org to OpenOffice?
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2010 15:31:28 -0400

On Tue, Nov 2, 2010 at 3:08 PM, Jambunathan K <address@hidden> wrote:


Interesting that two people are working on org->OpenOffice exporter. The
other person is me.

I'm glad of it though!  Jambunathan, would you be willing to put your code up on github?  Then we can perhaps all help out in a co-ordinated manner. 

>  took the rudimentary exporter in
> muse and started to work a bit on it. I have not done very much yet,
> just the part that puts all things together once the pieces (for
> example content.xml) are there. You can find what I have done so far
> in util/org-odt.el in the nXhtml repository.

just adding a link:

I started with org-html.el.

I am attaching a test.org and test.odt from my work area (*as it
is*). You will see that following things are taking shape:

1. Table Of Contents (Still not a 'native' Table Of Contents)
2. Various Character Styles
3. Various Paragraph Styles
4. Lists - Numbered, Bulleted, Description
5. Links - Internet Links, Internal Links as Bookmark/Xref
6. An embedded image
7. A simple table with a caption and numbering (you can see that xref to
  table has apparently broken)
8. Various kinds of Footnotes

If you look inside the odt file you will see that meta.xml also taking

this is further along than I'd thought it would be!  thanks for this!

If you od put it on github, maybe you can suggest minor features for people to work on -- i'm a lousy coder (& v. busy for about 3 more weeks) but maybe I and others on the list could help with some of the more tedious elements. 


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