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[Orgmode] TAB in math-environment in list item

From: Maximilian Matthe
Subject: [Orgmode] TAB in math-environment in list item
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 2010 21:06:25 +0100
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Hi guys,

I'm a really impressed orgmode-user. There is a thing that I don't
like but I hope, it can be customized. When I type sth like this:
(org-cdlatex-mode is enabeld)

- $a_{1}$

an press TAB when the cursor is behind the 1 the cursor moves to the
beginning of the line. I would more like to move it after the } as it
does when the line doesn't contain a list item.

So, is there some way to set the priority of the cdlatex-mode's TAB
higher than the list's one?

Regards, Max

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