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[Orgmode] Broken CUSTOMID links

From: Jambunathan K
Subject: [Orgmode] Broken CUSTOMID links
Date: Fri, 05 Nov 2010 23:23:58 +0530
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Note the 'H:1' in options line. Export this to HTML. Note that CUSTOMID
link is broken. A snippet of relevant HTML section is attached

Change 'H:1' to 'H:3' note that there is no more brokenness. 

Possible root cause: When headlines are turned to list 'extra-targets'
are not identified correctly.

(This bug is unrelated to any of the previous internal link bugs that I
have reported)

# Input file

#+OPTIONS:   H:1

* Links
** Targets
*** Fuzzy Target
*** Target with CUSTOMID
    :CUSTOM_ID: aabbccddeeff
*** Dedicated Target
#   <<Dedicated Target>>    
*** <<<Radioed Target>>>
** References

*** References to Fuzzy Target
    This is a link to [[Fuzzy Target]].
*** References to CUSTOMID links
    This link to  [[#aabbccddeeff][CUSTOMID Target]] is broken.
*** References to Dedicated Target
    There is a link to nodesc [[Dedicated Target]] here. There is a link
    to [[Dedicated%20Target][Jump to Dedicated Target]] here.
*** References to Radioed Links
    This section has references to Radioed Target. One more reference
    to Radioed Target.

#+begin_src html
  <!-- Headline defined here -->
    <li id="sec-1_1_2">
      <a name="sec-1_1_2" id="sec-1_1_2">
      Target with CUSTOMID 
  <!-- Headline referenced here   -->
    <li id="sec-1_2_2">
      References to CUSTOMID links 
      This link to  
      <a href="#aabbccddeeff">
        CUSTOMID Target
      is broken.

Jambunathan K.

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