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[Orgmode] Check for broken links in org-mode?

From: Magnus Nilsson
Subject: [Orgmode] Check for broken links in org-mode?
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 2010 09:22:25 +0100

Dear all,

Is there any nice way to check for broken links of different kinds in org files?

For example by parsing the file and reporting the lines with broken links in a separate buffer so they can be fixed one after another?  If not, I imagine this is possible to implement (at least to some extent) as a lisp-function.  What do you all think? :)

My incentive for having this function is the following:
I have started using org mode to organize things at work.
One of the nice uses of org-mode is to keep link reminders together with my notes, so that I quickly can find where information is located when I need to retrieve it months/years later.
However, paths to where I keep files may be renamed as projects develop, servers are changed, or as I "brainstorm" my way through different projects.
As my org-files can be quite large now, I have no way of remembering which links I need to rename.
It would be great to (org-check-for-broken-links &optional org-files-list) once in a while to keep links up-to-date.  This could make it easier for me and perhaps the next person that sometime will take over my job.

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