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[Orgmode] Specifying a template when calling org-capture

From: Nathan Neff
Subject: [Orgmode] Specifying a template when calling org-capture
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2010 10:48:14 -0600


Most of the time, I call the same template when calling org-capture.

I'd like to define a key to call the template without going to the menu.

I found the documentation where it says

"Lisp programs can set KEYS to a string associated with a template in
`org-capture-templates'.  In this case, interactive selection will be

I've tried several attempts at calling org-capture and specifying
KEYS, but haven't
gotten it to work.  The method signature is

(org-capture &optional GOTO KEYS)

Here's my attempts, my template's hotkey is "t"

(call-interactively (org-capture nil "t")) ;; doesn't work

(org-capture nil 't) ;; doesn't work

Can anyone tell me how to specify the KEYS argument correctly to the
org-capture function?



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