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Re: [Orgmode] Bastien is going to become the maintainer of Org mode in J

From: Scott Randby
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Bastien is going to become the maintainer of Org mode in January
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2010 19:45:38 -0500
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When I first started using org-mode, the way I do my work became more
efficient and much easier. Now, if I want to do something new, I first
take a look at the org-mode manual to see if I can use org-mode to do
the new thing. I haven't been able to fit org-mode into everything, but
I haven't given up trying.

Carsten, thank you so much for developing and maintaining org-mode. Not
only is it an utterly great piece of software, but the community around
it is very friendly and open, something which I credit to you. Every
time I've sent a ridiculous question to the mailing list, I've received
a polite and helpful response. On other lists, the response would have
been "RTFM."

Bastien, I think org-mode will be in very fine hands when you take over.
It is clear to me that under your leadership org-mode will continue to
improve for a long time to come.

Scott Randby

On 11/15/2010 06:51 AM, Carsten Dominik wrote:
> Dear all,
> after 7 years of responsibility for Org-mode, it is time for
> me to let go and step down as the maintainer of Org-mode.
> This has not been an easy decision to make.  Org-mode has
> been a very important part of my life during these years
> and given me as much energy as it has taken.  I am proud of
> this creation and extremely grateful for the opportunity
> to work with the absolutely outstanding community around
> it.  But the day-to-day responsibilities have worn me down,
> and I need to step back, move on, and focus on other things.
> I am very excited that I have found Bastien Guerry willing
> to take over.  Bastien has been involved with this project
> almost from the beginning and I believe he knows more
> about both the spirit and the technicalities of Org-mode
> than anybody else.  I am sure he will do an excellent job.
> There is a core of very knowledgeable and great people who
> carry the project together.  I hope very much that everyone
> will be helping out Bastien just like you have all helped
> me - then this will be a very smooth transition.
> As a formal date for the transition we have picked January 1st
> 2011.  Until then, I will spend time to clean up where I can,
> and to document the maintainer tasks in the new README_maintainer
> file in the git repo.  On January 1st I will also switch the
> "Donate" button on the web page to point to an account owned
> by Bastien, to help him offset any costs involved with his
> contribution of time and money (like the web server that he
> has been sponsoring so far).  If you always wanted to throw
> a donation in my direction but have not found the right
> moment to do so - this is still possible until the end of
> December.
> I am not going to disappear from the project.  I will still
> be on the mailing list, answering questions when I can, and
> contribute code and fixes when I find time to do so.  Maybe,
> with the daily tasks taken off my hands, I will even be able
> to write bigger chunks of code.  But all of this will be on
> a much less regular basis than the daily flush of emails I
> am sending out now.
> I hope very much that you will all continue to enjoy a life
> in plain text :)
> With kind regards
> - Carsten
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