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Re: [Orgmode] Mobile.org & UTF-8

From: Henri-Paul Indiogine
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Mobile.org & UTF-8
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2010 14:35:42 -0800

Hi Neil!

2010/11/19 Neil Hepburn <address@hidden>:
> I ran into a similar problem when I moved from using MobileMe to
> Dropbox. What I did that seemed to fix the problem for me was to delete
> the folder "MobileOrg" from my Dropbox folder. Then I reset the stuff in
> Mobileorg on my iPhone, re-sync'ed the iPhone to create a new MobileOrg
> folder in your Dropbox folder and then it worked. It seems to work fine
> now.

It worked, thanks.


Henri-Paul Indiogine

Curriculum & Instruction
Texas A&M University

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"Rien ne va de soi.  Rien n'est donné. Tous est construit."   Gaston
Bachelard, 1934

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