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[Orgmode] Re: [Babel] Need for an extra literal block construct

From: Sébastien Vauban
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: [Babel] Need for an extra literal block construct
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2010 00:23:35 +0100
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Hi Christian,

Christian Moe wrote:
> Perhaps I misunderstood what you're after. As I now understand it, you want
> line breaks preserved and you don't want anything interpreted, you want
> verbatim text. Why doesn't EXAMPLE meet your needs?

Because there are clearly 3 key "concepts" to be able to distinguish in nice
HTML/PDF output:

- Code fragments :: text files that use the specific numbers of spaces and
  characters to line things up.

- Sample output :: Output from programs, scripts or commands.

- Text giving instructions :: Typically used for quoting passages of an email

The first one is covered in HTML by the src class and in PDF by listings.

The last two are currently handled the same way (ie, not distinguishable). In
HTML, both are mapped onto EXAMPLE.

Best regards,

Sébastien Vauban

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