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Re: [Orgmode] New lines (return chracter?) in capture templates

From: Russell Adams
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] New lines (return chracter?) in capture templates
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2010 19:47:37 -0600
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> > The variable was set through customize. If I'm reading this correctly,
> > it appears that the customize interface is inserting an *additional*
> > escape character before the slash. I'd consider this a bug, since this
> > was not expected.
> Removing the extra escapes fixes the issue.

I saw that!

> Manually editing the customize init file and then viewing the variable
> through the customize interface reveals the solution: simply press
> return when inputting the string. The newline is picked up
> automatically.

I always manually set mine up, the Customize interface is new to
me. I'm impressed it lets you do multiline entry.

> Thanks for suggesting I look at the config again!

No problem, glad you solved your problem!

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