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[Orgmode] Re: Update on Org-mode clone in Vim

From: Herbert Sitz
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: Update on Org-mode clone in Vim
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2010 06:42:45 +0000 (UTC)
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Matt Lundin <mdl <at> imapmail.org> writes:
> I'm curious to see how hyperlinks and capture might work in a vim
> environment. Being able to call org-capture from anywhere in my Emacs
> ecosystem (or should I say operating system) has spoiled me. :)
> Best,
> Matt

Matt -- Regarding the hyperlinks there's a Vim plugin that already
seems to have pretty complete hyperlinking functionality.  Just put
it in your plugin folder and you're good to go with it.  You
can find it here:


I haven't done any checking to see what needs to be done to make 
it compatible with Org-mode hyperlinking markup.  I don't think it 
should be too bad.

At least before 'conceal text' was available in Vim73 I don't 
think there's any good way to hide link details and have just
the link text appear in the document.  I haven't used Vim73
or looked at conceal text much, but it seems that feature
might make it possible to closely replicate the way
Emacs does things.  I'd be happy to hear suggestions from
people who know more about this. . . 

I think there are some other existing Vim plugins that can
be made use of.  There's a footnoting plugin that I want
to look into adopting at some point.  

Also, I have done
nothing at all to implement any of Org's table editing
functionality.  This is pretty much independent of Org
itself, and I was hoping there was an existing Vim plugin
that would be somewhere along lines of what's in Org, 
but I haven't found anything close yet.

-- Herb

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