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[Orgmode] [nd]oexport for org-publish-attachment

From: Łukasz Stelmach
Subject: [Orgmode] [nd]oexport for org-publish-attachment
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2010 12:37:37 +0100
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I am willing to implement some kind of tagging for attachment files for
publishing. For text we've got the :noexport: tag which prevents
particular subtree from beeing published I'd like to have the same for
files, especially stored as attachments under data/, published with
org-publish-attachments. IMHO there should be a way to tag a directory
tree as exportable and individual files as unexportable and the other
way round.

How should this be done? Brainstorm!

Miłego dnia,
Łukasz Stelmach

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