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[Orgmode] MobileOrg on DropBox for Teams

From: Tommy Kelly
Subject: [Orgmode] MobileOrg on DropBox for Teams
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2010 13:18:02 -0600
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Is the location on DropBox where the iPhone app expects to find the org
files hard-coded (to "/MobileOrg"), or is it customizable?

I've tried messing with org-mobile-directory on the emacs side and with
the "Index File" field on the iPhone app, but it didn't work. I tried:

I set org-mobile-directory to:

and on the iPhone I set "Index File" to:

It didn't complain when syncing but I got no files on the iPhone (I'd
org-mode-push'ed first).


P.S. I've previously had MobileOrg syncing working fine with the files
in the default place. So my basic setup appears to be fine.

P.P.S. The reason I ask is we use DropBox for Teams. If we had multiple
MobileOrg users, then the default setting would cause collisions since
all our files would be getting dropped in /MobileOrg. It would be better
if we could have the files kept in individualized directories,
e.g. within user-specific DB folders.

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