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Re: [Orgmode] Re: org-indent mode not indenting free text?

From: Erik Iverson
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Re: org-indent mode not indenting free text?
Date: Fri, 03 Dec 2010 15:21:45 -0600
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Carsten Dominik wrote:
Hi Erik,

On Dec 3, 2010, at 5:18 PM, Erik Iverson wrote:

Just a guess here: This may be some weirdness
because the check in org-indent *will* allow
people using GNU Emacs 23.1.50 to turn on
org-indent, as far as I can tell.

org-indent-mode should work in 23.1.50, this is the
release where the fix was made.

The message "org-indent-mode can crash Emacs 23.1"
does not fully explain if it can also crash 23.1.50.

Yes, may be this is not so clear.  The current setup forbids it
before 23.1.50, and allows it from 23.1.50.  At least that is
what I meant.  Is there a bug?

No, I did not realize that this is what was indeed meant.
More below...


Could you back out the change
(most likely the defmacro for with-silent-modifications in org-macs.el,
even though I have no clue why this would interact with org-indent-mode
as it should not be defined for versions >23.1) and tell us if that
solves your problem (which I can't test because org-indent-mode doesn't
even start on Emacs 23.1)?
Yes it does! I commented out:
;;(if (or (< emacs-major-version 23)
;;    (and (<= emacs-major-version 23)
;;         (< emacs-minor-version 2)))
;;    (defmacro with-silent-modifications
;;      (org-unmodified)))
and it now works correctly. Thanks a lot!

I have now changed the definition like this:

(if (and (not (fboundp 'with-silent-modifications))
     (or (< emacs-major-version 23)
         (and (= emacs-major-version 23)
          (< emacs-minor-version 2))))
    (defmacro with-silent-modifications (&rest body)
      `(org-unmodified ,@body)))

I must admit I don't understand the above macro,
but what I was getting at before was:

It only appears defined for Emacs < 23.2,
So in particular, 23.1.50 is 'stuck' in
between these two version checks, and maybe
that's causing Antti's issue?

May I ask you to pull and check if this is
working for you out of the box?

Works for me fine on Emacs 23.2, we will see
if it does for Antti also.

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