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Re: [Orgmode] [OT] recutils

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] [OT] recutils
Date: Sun, 05 Dec 2010 21:20:37 +0100
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    On Sat, Dec 4, 2010 at 13:28, Jose E. Marchesi <address@hidden> wrote:
    > But note that the "relational" characteristics in
    > recutils are not very sophisticated.
    > The rule here is: if you need something more complex then you probably
    > should be using a real relational dbms instead :)
    Ok, maybe I expected a bit too much for the initial version 1.0. But
    is it already possible or planned to allow recsel deliver field values
    from two tables, joined together with a foreign key or what does the
    manual mean with "the ability of records to refer to other records
    (sort of foreign keys)"?

Right now the recutils use the information of the "foreign keys"
(compound fields) just to pick the type of the field in the "referenced"
record descriptor.

For the next version it is planned to support joins in recsel.  For
example, having a database like:

  %rec: Hacker
  %key: Name

  Name: Mr. foo

  %rec: Package

  Name: GNU foo
  Hacker:Name: Mr. foo

  Name: GNU bar
  Hacker:Name: Mr. foo

It will be possible to invoke recsel like:

  $ recsel -t Hacker -p Name,Package:Name foo.rec
  Name: Mr. Foobar
  Package:Name: GNU foo

  Name: Mr. Foobar
  Package:Name: GNU bar
Jose E. Marchesi    address@hidden
GNU Project         http://www.gnu.org

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