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[Orgmode] [MobileOrg] Specify files to be sync'ed

From: Markus Heller
Subject: [Orgmode] [MobileOrg] Specify files to be sync'ed
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2010 16:43:08 -0800
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Hello list,

I'm wondering if it is possible to specify a list of files for use with
MobileOrg, as opposed to having all agenda files sync'ed.

In case you're wondering why I would like to do this:  I'm working for a
company, and I cannot put confidential information on a public webserver
(I know Dropbox is encrypted and I can encrypt my org files).  I'd like
to be able to just have one file with appointments etc. and one file
with TODO items, nothing else.

Is this possible?  From looking at the org manual, it doesn't seem like

Thanks and Cheers

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