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[Orgmode] Feature Request: attach link type

From: Darlan Cavalcante Moreira
Subject: [Orgmode] Feature Request: attach link type
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2011 17:39:08 -0300
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Hello List,

One org-mode feature that I find extremely useful is org-attach. I use it
frequently as an easy way to store files associated with a task (in fact,
any sub-tree) without worrying too much about where the files are located
(for some specific sub-trees I like to set the attach directory).

However, sometimes I need to put a link to an attached file in the text in
its sub-tree. Up to now I just used the path to the file, but that required
me to locate where the file is located in order to insert the link. This is
not a lot of work, but destroys the beauty of attached files, IMHO, and I
think some "attach link type" would be a better solution.

Using the functions already provided by org-attach I could get
#+LINK: attach elisp:(org-open-file (org-attach-expand "%s"))
However, I always have to confirm the execution of the elisp code. It would
be better if this link type was already provided in org (possible when
org-attach is loaded). Besides, org inline images should work with this
link type.

Other useful things (just random thoughts) could be:
 - Perform some operation when a file is attached, such as replacing
   white-spaces in the file-name by underscores
 - When a file is attached a link to it could be stored in the kill ring,
   in case the user want to insert it in the current text. Alternatively,
   an interactive function to insert a link to an attached file (using the
   same completions we already get for opening attached files) would also
   be very handy.


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