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Re: [O] Re: [Patch] HTML export -- Allow to change the name of the globa

From: Jambunathan K
Subject: Re: [O] Re: [Patch] HTML export -- Allow to change the name of the global DIV
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2011 20:52:29 +0530
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(On a related note)

As part of my odt exporter, I have factored out a generic exporter to
 which org-html.el and org-odt.el plugs in.

The generic exporter is callback driven. I have included the typical
callback that the odt exporter registers down below. 

The generic infrastructure is in place and very usable.  Adding new
callbacks or increasing the granularity of the 'entity' should only be a
matter of time.

I have probably jumped the queue here. Anyways, my formal patch for
integration in to core is only few hours or atmost 1 day away and I am
not kidding ...

For more info checkout out my `staging' branch.

Jambunathan K.

(defvar org-odt-entity-control-callbacks-alist
     . (org-odt-begin-export org-odt-end-export))
     . (org-odt-begin-document-content org-odt-end-document-content))
     . (org-odt-begin-document-body org-odt-end-document-body))
     . (org-odt-begin-environment org-odt-end-environment))
     . (org-html-begin-level org-html-end-level))
     . (org-odt-begin-footnote-definition org-odt-end-footnote-definition))
     . (org-odt-begin-table org-odt-end-table))
     . (org-odt-begin-table-rowgroup org-odt-end-table-rowgroup))
     . (org-odt-begin-list org-odt-end-list))
     . (org-odt-begin-list-item org-odt-end-list-item))
     . (org-odt-begin-section org-odt-end-section))
     . (org-odt-begin-paragraph org-odt-end-paragraph)))

(defvar org-odt-entity-format-callbacks-alist
  `((EXTRA-TARGETS . org-html-format-extra-targets)
    (ORG-TAGS . org-html-format-org-tags)
    (SECTION-NUMBER . org-html-format-section-number)
    (HEADLINE . org-html-format-headline)
    (TOC-ENTRY . org-html-format-toc-entry)
    (TOC-ITEM . org-html-format-toc-item)
    (TAGS . org-odt-format-tags)
    (SPACES . org-odt-format-spaces)
    (TABS . org-odt-format-tabs)
    (LINE-BREAK . org-odt-format-line-break)
    (FONTIFY . org-odt-format-fontify)
    (TODO . org-html-format-todo)
    (LINK . org-odt-format-link)
    (INLINE-IMAGE . org-odt-format-inline-image)
    (ORG-LINK . org-odt-format-org-link)
    (HEADING . org-odt-format-heading)
    (ANCHOR . org-odt-format-anchor)
    (TABLE-ROW . org-odt-format-table-row)
    (TABLE-CELL . org-odt-format-table-cell)
    (FOOTNOTES-SECTION . ignore)
    (FOOTNOTE-REFERENCE . org-odt-format-footnote-reference)
    (HORIZONTAL-LINE . org-odt-format-horizontal-line)
    (COMMENT . org-html-format-comment)
    (PLAIN . org-odt-format-plain))

Jambunthan K.

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