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[O] Re: org-odt (Applying custom templates)

From: Jambunathan K
Subject: [O] Re: org-odt (Applying custom templates)
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2011 17:08:20 +0530
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Thanks for trying org-odt and suggesting improvements. 

I delayed the response to earlier mail because your request needed some
background work. 

I made an `almost official' release a few weeks ago. May be you like to
try it out and give your feedback?

> Also, is there an option to control the border options for tables
> produced from org-odt?  This will be used mainly for alignment issues.

Border and alignment are two different things. I am not sure what you
mean here.

org-odt's implementation of tables is very similar to that of
org-htmls. You would get horizontal rulers separating rowgroups and
vertical rulers based on colgroup cookies.

> In addition, is there a way to set up a header, or some text, before
> the title, similar to the attached file (including the image)?  I
> don't mind if the solution is pasting some raw xml code in the
> org-mode file, as this part will remain constant.

What is required is that you extract styles.xml and any images files
 that it referenced from your odt/ott file and instruct org-odt.el to
 package these files in the resulting directory. You can do these

I also have a prototype code (that is not committed yet) that achieves
the above functionality. 

See the attached output file and you could see that the headers are
getting repeated on all pages.

On customization side of things, I am little bit uncertain what would be
the best way to apply custom styles while also having the user feel
happy about the document that comes out as a result. (When I apply your
styles.xml to override my Org's very own styles file, the resulting
output file is not pleasing to the eye (for example, Headings are
unstylized) This is because your styles.xml doesn't specify styles for
'Heading 2' while for some strange reason - partly because of it's
ancestry org-odt.el - is emitting Headings from level 2 onwards)

I am open to hearing what orgers think on this front. I would go very
slow on the customization side of things unless some consensus or clariy

> If I can do something like the attached file, I think I can do away
> with all my word processing needs in emacs org-mode (except files I
> have to collaborate with).

Good to know that. It is possible with minimal efforts.

>> When I use "O", this buffer also appears in emacs, along with the file
>> opening up in OpenOffice.
>> Again, anyway to suppress this?

C-x k :-)

I want the test.odt file to be opened in archive-mode because it would
help me in gathering debugging information from users. Users also can
see what goes within the odt file.

This buffer is going to stay atleast till such time as I am confident
that it has served it's purpose..

A request from my side. I would appreciate if you CC the emacs-orgmode
list. I see two advantages, I can quickly lookup the article (without
having to dig through mailboxes) and there could be others who would be
interested in participating in these discussions.

Jambunathan K.

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