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Re: [O] Re: Making GTD more mangeable with org

From: Marcelo de Moraes Serpa
Subject: Re: [O] Re: Making GTD more mangeable with org
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2011 11:40:59 -0600

Hi Thomas,

Glad you liked it. The code is really simple:

(global-set-key (kbd "<f3>")  (lambda()  (interactive) (find-file

(defun set-index-read-only () ""
  (if (equal (buffer-name) "index.org")


I've changed the index.org to look like this:

* tags 

* Daily General GTD Checklist
  * What do want do do today? What to do now? Where am I in my life
regarding the goals and wishes I chose?

1) Check if in.org is full -- too much items? Delay until next friday,
otherwise process them.
2) Check agenda for today. What is there needs to be done.
3) Get perspective: Review
Of Focus]]
   Horizons of focus list the main levels of my life. I can navigate
from there if I want and get
   the so needed perspective.
3) Get perspective and setup the ground for the day: Check list of
@work projects - mark them for today as needed.
   I can also mark next actions (TODOs)
4) Get perspective and setup teh ground for the day: Check list of
@personal projects - mark them for today as needed.
   I can also mark next actions (TODOs)

By the way, does anyone know how I could get the org file opened
unfolded? I've tried adding (show-all) and, when this hasn't worked
(org-cycle '(16)) just after (toggle-read-only) in the body of the def
but it did not work.

The point is to have quick access to a main checklist (I'd say this is
a GTD review checklist) so I can regain perspective fast (I loose
perspective too often). It's also good when you are braindead and want
to go ahead and don't know where to start, and although I have
internalized the GTD workflow, having a reference like this helps. I'm
planning to add a list of other ("domain"-specific) checklist in this
file as well.



On Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 8:21 AM, Thomas Renkert <address@hidden> wrote:
>> However, I started noticing I was getting lost in my own system. This
>> is partly because I still don't have the habit of reviewing it all
>> very often, but I also found out that my main gtd.org file (the one
>> that has projects and next actions/tasks) was getting really long. I
>> know I could just use use the visibility functions to make it more
>> mangeable, but somehow I was still getting confused about what to do
>> at certain points in the day.
>> Then I had the idea of creating a braindead index. Something that I
>> could access quickly and that would give me *perspective* and help me
>> decide what path to take. Here's how it looks like:
>> http://img703.imageshack.us/img703/2199/screenshot20110318at120.png
>> It can be thought of as a:
>>  * A dashboard
>>  * Overview of my system - a way to glue the most important parts
>>  * A way to trigger my mind and help me stay on track (avoid procrastination)
>>  * A "cache" area where I can list the projects or files that matter
>> the most *now*
>>  * A checklist / workflow
>>  * A quick way to regain perspective and help you go back to the "zone"
>> Anyway, I know it might sound like a stupid small thing, but I found
>> that this entry-point to my system actually helps me stay focused.
>> What do you think ? Share your thoughts ;)
>> Marcelo.
> Hi Marcelo,
> this looks really great! Do you think you could share your code here?
> My ideas would be to start with one "Most important task" at the top of the
> list, to include recent emails that need action (links from wanderlust) and so
> on. Maybe one could also include things like 5-Minute/10-minute tasks for 
> small
> breaks and so on.
> Your code would be a great starting point for a more capable dashboard/home
> screen. (I have some more ideas on this topic but would rather try your code
> first - but maybe this would be a great addition to orgmode, especially for 
> new
> users?)
> Thomas

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