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[O] Begginer using orgmode

From: Arnold, Travis
Subject: [O] Begginer using orgmode
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2011 23:31:34 -0400

Hi all after much googling and searching I came across org mode while trying to 
find a system for my mac on which I could take notes for my school classes. 
I've read the manual and taken a look at the worg tutorials but  seem to keep 
messing up my .emacs config file, I seemed to have borked the sequence, or work 
flow of my TODO states, I started with the ones in the example but just took 
out the next step and added some short cuts, t, s, d and c, but C-t just cycles 
from TODO ->DONE and since I know every little about coding, or lisp I am 
unsure of what I did wrong.  I cannot also seem to find a a way to just get 
bolded section headings with out the 1.x.x etc etc for my notes, if anything I 
wonder if there is a way to get list the sections with roman numerals?

As the note taking system I have so far enjoyed it and would love to tinker and 
tweak it for an agenda but am fearful of messing up. Might anyone know of a 
tutorial for luddites like myself who are just starting out? I am unsure if I 
even set up my .emacs file correctly: I basically copied and pasted the 
relevant bits that I thought I needed.

Respectfully and thank you for the time,

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