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Re: [O] Publishing notes to a website

From: 'Mash
Subject: Re: [O] Publishing notes to a website
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2011 16:36:39 +0100
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Quoting Thomas Herbert <address@hidden>:
Kyle Sexton <ks <at> mocker.org> writes:

I'm looking for advice on ways people are publishing their org notes
to a website.  So far I've looked at blorgit and it's really nice, but
the dependency for a backend emacs session and running through sinatra
makes me wary of putting it out on my server for the world.

1.  What methods are people using to publish their org notes?
2.  Anyone have sample sites that I can see what the output looks like?


I have been actually been working on a simple clean solution for writing in org-mode and keeping the file as org-mode. What I have come up with is a "Textile" like PHP class that translates org-mode files into HTML.

It is still very very alpha and hope to release the code soon for people to look at, work and improve or completely scrap and take my idea and do it better.

As I mentioned earlier I have been playing around building a regex parser in PHP for Org-Mode files. As you will see I am obviously an amateur programmer and my hope is that if this is at all useful then someone else will rewrite it. My site http://toshine.org uses both the classOrgile and the Orgile CMS. If you look at the bottom of any article you will see the link to the raw .org file that is parsed/converted to HTML.

The classOrgile PHP class (very limited currently!).

The Orgile PHP flat file CMS (currently used for http://toshine.org).

The Orgile PHP flat file CMS (fully commented code).

Well I hope it is at least interesting for someone on this list.


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