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[O] Cloning tasks subtrees when repeating?

From: Lindsay Todd
Subject: [O] Cloning tasks subtrees when repeating?
Date: Mon, 16 May 2011 14:35:47 -0400

Folks: I am looking for a nice org-mode-ish way to manage a task check
list that repeats regularly.  I would like to log, then archive, which
items actually are completed when I close the task.  (It isn't
uncommon to have a few open.)

Here is the situation: Every couple of weeks, I have an opportunity to
work through a checklist of about 40-50 system maintenance tasks,
organized under a repeating TODO-task item.  At the end of the
maintenance time period, I close the task (which reschedules nicely),
then cut-n-paste the partly-marked list to the LOGBOOK drawer (as well
as any additional notes I want to log).  Then I manually clear out the
check list...

This is not too much work, but of course it would be nice if the
checklist could automatically be saved, then cleared.  But there is
another problem: my LOGBOOK drawer is getting very large, and
checklist processing has been slowing (I can no longer use it).

What would be nice is if I could close the task, the repeated entry
would be an entirely new task.  Perhaps it is a clone of the task I
just closed (with a new date), or perhaps it is populated from some
sort of template.  The important thing is I need a new task entry, so
I can archive the old entry, and still have a new entry with a new

Has anyone else had a similar use-case that could suggest an approach
they've used?



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