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[O] org-contacts and birthdays without year

From: Le Wang
Subject: [O] org-contacts and birthdays without year
Date: Tue, 17 May 2011 23:17:38 +0800

Hi Julien,

I'm just starting with org-contacts, and my first step was translating
my %%(diary-anniversary... entries into contacts.  Maybe you can help
me with these issues.

It seems that an "EMAIL" property indicates the current heading is a
contact.  How can I store contacts that I don't have an e-mail for?
Again, this relates to my current task, so maybe a "BIRTHDAY" property
can also be made to indicate a contact?

Is it possible to specify birthdays without year?  I often want to jot
down someone's birthday so I'm not surprised next year, but don't want
to ask them how old they are.  :)



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