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[O] [agenda] skip non-habit SCHEDULED

From: Michael Brand
Subject: [O] [agenda] skip non-habit SCHEDULED
Date: Thu, 19 May 2011 21:59:50 +0200

Hi all

How is it possible to skip SCHEDULED items that don't have the
property STYLE=habit in the day-agenda of a custom agenda view?

What I checked so far:
- ((org-agenda-entry-types '(:scheduled))):
  does not distinguish between habits and non-habits
- "match" from (key desc type match settings files):
  not available for "type" agenda AFAIK
- org-agenda-skip-function: not available for type agenda AFAIK

What I try to achieve with this are two overview custom agenda views:
the 1st like a calendar view with
- day-agenda block for :timestamp and :sexp
- day-agenda block for :deadline
- day-agenda block for :scheduled _habits_ only
  (skip of non-habits not solved yet)
a 2nd like a todo view for everything else that "never" expires with
- day-agenda block for :scheduled _non-habits_ only
  (skip habits with "((org-habit-show-habits nil))")
- tags-todo block for all TODO without any date
  (org-agenda-skip-entry-if 'timestamp)


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