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[O] line breaks disappear between tags and properties

From: Myles Byrne
Subject: [O] line breaks disappear between tags and properties
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2011 13:50:26 +0200

Hi everyone,

Using the latest Aquamacs and org-mode on OSX 10.6.7:

Most every time i move, copy/paste, or close and reload my org-mode docs, i'm losing the line breaks that separate :property: drawers from the headline and it's :tags. With the effect that the properties are not recognized as such.

(Also effects body text pasted in.)

I've tried multiple different line-break settings i can find online, as well as searches for post re. the same problem. No luck.

Has anyone seen similar behavior?
Any clues to fixing it?

- Myles Byrne

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